Unlike some other Mailing Platforms, we are very transparent and we place your subscription on real servers with full authentication for your outgoing mails. Each Boundle Block represents each mailing server installed with a real Dedicated IP.


If you check through our pricing table you would notice the frequent use of the word 'Boundle Block'. This is a term to identify the maximum a server can go for efficiency. The maximum a Boundle Block can send is 1,000,000 mails Monthly so this is simple, if you want to send up to 5,000,000 Mails Monthly then you should subscribe for 5 Blocks.

Shared Boundle Blocks We have introduced the Shared Mailing Blocks, this means you would be sharing the same mailing servers with other reputable senders on the Gemaily network. The cost of the shared mailing block is cheaper compared to the Dedicated maling block which guarantees your stand alone use of the server. In other to reduce abuse on those using this type of subscription, you can only send mails to users who have registered on your website. Using the Gemaily remote connection Addon, you would be able to move contacts from your website's database to your contact list on Gemaily automatially.

Why Boundle Blocks? We want you to take full control and also increase mail campaign efficieny. There is no need of ordering more IPs, just order a new Boundle Block which comes with a new IP address. This is also necessary if you are sending lots of volume Monthly. If you are sending 5,000,000 Mails per Month after the order of 5 Blocks, this means you are sending to those emails from 5 different mail servers with different Dedicated IPs.

Send Unlimited Emails Monthly The truth is that, all Boundle Blocks can actually send unlmited mails Monthly! But since Gemaily is concerned about efficiency and right delivery, we have limited this server to send more emails only when you have attained a better delivery rate for this block. There are few factors that determine your trust score, few of them are; Your server age, email sending consistency, un-subscribed statistics, total email opened relating to total mails sent and many more.

If you send unlimited emails with a new server with a new dedicated IPs, this would be a waste of resources because all end points will be blocked. We are more concerned about how best your campaigns should be done with the best pratice.


Our dashboard is easy to use and very responsive which makes it friendly on Mobile devices. We have developed basic features which will help improve efficieny when sending bulk emails on Gemaily.

Easy to use Member Area
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10 $ MONTH
  • Email Validation

It is not a pleasant experience to have your IP address blacklisted. A blacklisted IP address hinders or reduces the rate of delivery of subsequent emails. One of the major reasons IP addresses are blacklisted is when the IP address consistently sends emails to addresses that are not in use. If you start a campaign to send emails to 200,000 email addresses and over 50,000 are no longer in use, you will get 50,000 bounced messages which is very dangerous for your IP health.

At Gemaily, emails addresses are validated prior to transmission. Even if the contacts have been validated else where, our system checks and re-checks to ensure the email addresses are ready to receive your mails. We consider Email Validation a must for our systems because this helps prevent IP blacklisting. The good news is that all our subscription packages have a free Email Validation so you do not have to pay for this!

There are number of different laws that guide the use of email marketing for commercial purposes. In the USA it’s the CAN-SPAM act, in Canada it’s the CASL laws, while in the UK it’s a set of laws known as the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations of 2003. All of these laws dictate a number of conditions that email marketers need to follow to avoid significant fines. You are advised to know what your Country says about Bulk mailing and adhere to them

Gemaily serve as a Mail server provider and also as a Mailing platform, you are responsible for how you use the platform and how you use the server allocated to you. We have built lots of features to help you send emails the right way, you should follow your Country's laws about Bulk Mailing. Please read our terms for more information.

We have chosen Bitcoin as part of the funding option on Gemaily becuase of it's reliability, speed and low fees. From your Dashboard on Gemaily, you can send funds to your custom Bitcoin address to fund your account easily. When you send funds to the Bitcoin address on your Gemaily Dasboard you don't need to do any other thing. Payment will reflect on your account after 3 Confirmations

We also support credit and debit card funding with Visa, Mastercard, American Express and also funding option directly from your US Bank Account. You can easily add funds with any of these payment options.

You can contact us if you need a custom funding option!

The Gemaily platform helps you to build the Un-Subscribe link into your email. When a user un-subscribes from your list, that user is permanently removed from your campaign list until the user decides to join again.

An un-subscribed email will not be added in the future. The best practice is not to send emails to an un-subscribed user, else future messages could be marked as spam and similar repetitive acts could result in a bad reputation for the sending server or a permanent block on some ISPs.

Dedicated Boundle Blocks has more sending Limits, and you grow your reputation alone while taking charge of what you send and how you send it. This mail server with a custom IP is used by just one person. While the shared boundle blocks is a dedicated mailing block that is shared between 4 - 8 users who are sending only reputable mails to their website users.

If you want to use Gemaily for constant announcement to users who have signed up on your website, then the shared block is perfect for you, its cheap and we take control of the general IP reputation. Check the pricing table for more!

The Private Block is perfect for those who want their Mailing Block installed on their private domain. You also get access to the Webmail link where you can receive emails and also create more email users for your Blocks.

The Private Block is for